Beautiful relaxing place

Just returned from the wedding at Costa Sur Resort. We had the best time ever, and the wedding planner guided the happy couple along the way. The end result was perfect! Thanks so much for providing such a warm and beautiful place to stay. Customer service was professional, courteous, and prompt.

We just returned from another awesome vacation at our favorite Puerto Vallarta resort, Costa Sur! Nothing can match the gorgeous ocean view of each of its studio rooms! We have been going there for over 15 years, and the staff continues to be absolutely fantastic! The food was great, the service also told us about the cozumel fishing and snorkeling tour, and the entertainment was top notch. We totally recommend Costa Sur!

We recently stayed at Costa Sur, and it was delightful! The food was always excellent, and the drinks were good as well (Always enjoyed Happy Hour!). The service was excellent, and especially our frequent host Raul M went above and beyond with unmatched assistance, friendly and helpful! The only drawbacks are the rooms are slightly dated, but very clean.

There were not enough electrical outlets for different electronic devices (that we can’t seem to live without). The beds were a little soft that caused some discomfort, but the views from our private balcony were astounding, and there is nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach!

I really enjoyed my stay at this resort. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I realized my suitcase had been opened and someone at the airport stole jewelry from me on my flight from Mexico City. The staff was supportive and helpful to me.

It did not crow when I was there, so when I wanted a massage, I was able to get right into their beautiful spa. I enjoyed swimming in the ocean here because they had a protected area with rocks to break the waves. The pools also had a pleasant temperature. Loved looking for beautiful stones on their beach.

We chose to stay and try the lobster. The evening was marvelous! Raul, chef, and the other staff members made the evening extra special by accommodating our dietary needs (Paleo). Thank you for making this extra evening special. Mucha gracias!